Is Bluehost a good web host?

Bluehost is a web hosting company that offer the best website hosting Australia are founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. They have a staff of 750 people working around the clock. Being the #1 recommended hosting by, they feature 1-Click installations in all their plans.

At the same time, a broad selection of advanced features allowed us to create complex backend configurations with ease. BlueHost also impressed us with its uptimes and load times, major factors for smaller businesses that are just starting to build their brand and require reliable hosting.

As usual, we subjected BlueHost to some thorough testing to determine whether its basic and premium products could deliver. Take a look at our findings in our BlueHost review to decide whether it’s right for you.


Downtime can be really bad for your website. Not only can it frustrate its visitors and hurt its conversion rate, but it can also have a negative impact on the performance of your site on search engines like Google.

Though I didn’t face a lot of instances of extremely long-lasting downtime with BlueHost, although minor outages are pretty common (see the screenshot below, my inbox is filled with downtime alerts for the site hosted on BlueHost). When servers do go down for the bad, however, it can easily last a few hours.

op 5 Website “Load” Speed – 406ms

A report from Google last year found that the vast majority of mobile websites are way too slow.

That’s a problem for two major reasons. Google’s mobile-first index can either elevate or hide your site in user searches based on its loading speeds and studies show that slow websites almost always translate into lower sales.

So, after uptime, your host’s page loading times are the second most important thing that can literally make or break your site’s success.

We have been keeping track of Bluehost’s performance since December 2017 using a third-party tool, Pingdom. And once again, we were pleased with the results — an average page loading speed of 406ms which places them as the 4th fastest site we’ve tested.

Do We Recommend Bluehost?

Yes, we do.

Bluehost has ranked at or near the top for both uptime and loading times for more than a year.